pATAWAVE Sound Project
pATAWAVE           Sound Project

Flutist from Pipin is second work from Patawave Sound Project, in this case inspired by wind instruments and western Town of Pipin.

These are melodic songs, where smooth sound of flute has protagonism.


The 9 tunes are performed by flutist Rufus Nim.


                                                                  1.- Wind in the Face.

                                                                  2.- Road to the Solitary Beach.

                                                                  3.- Over the Bridge.

                                                                  4.- The Flutist.

                                                                  5.- In the Factory.

                                                                  6.- The Boys.

                                                                  7.- Faun and the Stars.

                                                                  8.- Reencounter.

                                                                  9.- Fast Paced Return.

Patawave Sound Project is a music inititative with no predefine limits or boundaries.


Patawave is an imaginary type of mechanic wave.


Behind Patawave is producer Tomás Fernández, based in city of Madrid, Spain.