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Memory is the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience.

Planet Memory is first album from pATAWAVE Sound Project, published by December 2012. Is a music work based in Soft Synths, which combines electronic elements with more traditional instruments, like strings or keys.

Rhythmic elements are the base of the composition, although in occasions lead the way to more melodic lines trying to soften the listener´s position and not lose his attention.

Songs do not have normally a standard structure, with musical elements driving into the composition at different times,  trying to avoid chaos trough similar rhytmic patterns through the song.

Memory is the element that remains constant during production, is the piece that somehow gives cohesion to work. A memory that stored in bits defines in a multitude of feelings and moments from the past related to its creator.

Intro by pATAWAVE

My eyes start to close slowly. Gradient colors begin to appear, and memories resume from a place nowhere in the back of my mind.

Zetá by pATAWAVE

Turbulences of sounds hit my mind, but something inside tells me I'll be out of this journey alive. You are in my hands and not let you fall.

James by pATAWAVE

Mr. James B. running on top of roofs.

Neighbourghs by pATAWAVE

Paths are made by walking.

Heartbeat by pATAWAVE

Different textures and melodies overlap trying to recreate an atmosphere similar to heartbeat rythm.

Venus by pATAWAVE

It seems as if we are looking from the outside. A mysterious space where we watch what's left of the planet Earth after solar storms.

Cars by pATAWAVE

Cars driving on the highway as neon lights in the darkness.

Melodine by pATAWAVE

Now I am captured by this sound and I just recreate myself on it. I follow it like some kind of smell or signal.

Carousel by pATAWAVE

I imagine motionless in the middle of a busy square, watching the people walking around, everyone involved in his life, walking in a hurry to be on time to their destinations, or slowly, with no one to wait.


Joy of the times and the memories when the kids where running on the green field.

Btrack by pATAWAVE

A collage of sounds that come altogether, something unexpected to end, meaningless,  like son that should have never been born, or a song that should have never happen.

Planet Memory - Patawave


Patawave Sound Project is an electronic music initiative based on Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platform and softh synths.


Patawave is an imaginary type of mechanic wave.


Behind Patawave is producer TF, based in city of Madrid, Spain.




Planet Memory is first album from pATAWAVE Sound Project, released by December 2012.